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Midwest Values is an Iowa City- based business which primarily serves other businesses in the Iowa City - Cedar Rapids Corridor.


Midwest Values is dedicated to improving the customer experience. We work with businesses of all types to turn customers into devoted fans who actively promote the business through positive word of mouth.

Improving service can start in different ways. Some business owners approach us with specific focus areas in mind (see below). For others, we start by conducting a professional and objective service level evaluation. Evaluations focus on key areas such as employee-customer interaction, the physical environment, and procedural efficiency, each from the customer perspective.

We work together with clients and use the evaluation to identify areas of opportunity with high customer impact. A plan is implemented which utilizes proven procedures and the latest research aimed at providing customers with the best possible experience.

A partnership with Midwest Values improves your bottom line. Customers who are treated well return more frequently and provide invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. Common focus areas include (but are not limited to):

• Attracting, identifying, and hiring service-oriented personnel for your business.
• Providing employees with timely, relevant, and effective training.
• Implementing positive yet productive employee reviews which motivate employees and improve accountability.
• Developing and communicating realistic job descriptions and expectations.
• Incorporating proven management techniques which filter down to improve service at all levels.
• Empowering employees to provide excellent service without giving away control.
• Other basic (but time-consuming) HR functions.

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